Rules of Golf at Deer Creek RV Golf and Country Club

  1. All Golfers must check in at the Pro Shop before start of play.
  2. All Golfer must adhere to proper dress code
  3. No outside coolers/drinks allowed on Golf Course.
  4. You must be a licensed driver to operate Deer Creek Golf Carts
  5. Each player must have bag/clubs. Cannot play out of others bag.
  6. Golfers are responsible for any accidents/damages to others and/or property.
  7. All Golfers are expected to maintain proper pace of play.
  8. Cart path only on #12 and #15.Use cart path on all other holes whenever possible.

  9. Observe and follow all directional signs and arrows. Stay a minimum of 30’ away from all greens. Do not drive behind any green.

  10. Return to the cart path before putting. Stay on the cart path when moving to and parking at the next tee.


USGA Rules Govern play, unless Local Rule is in place. Please see Scorecard.